Benefits of Homeownership

The Home is Central to American Life


multi-generation family in front of homeIt is where dreams thrive and the future takes shape. It is where families make lifelong memories, and children are nurtured so they can build a better tomorrow.

Owning the home that plays such an important role in their lives is a cherished ideal for most families. They know that homeownership promotes social stability and is critical in creating wealth and providing financial security.

Housing and homeownership are also critical to a strong and prosperous nation. New home construction spurs productivity, creates jobs for millions of Americans and generates revenues for all levels of government.

For almost a century, national policy has acknowledged the importance of the home in American family life. Today, however, homeownership is under attack. Legislative and regulatory proposals now under consideration would greatly harm home owners, home buyers, the housing market and the nation’s economy.

There’s no question that the business practices and excesses that contributed to the housing market crisis must be corrected. Prudent underwriting and other safeguards are essential.

But some proposed measures would reverse the housing policies that created a thriving middle class and contributed to a century of economic progress. They would change the rules for millions who have sacrificed to get where they are, and they would penalize responsible, hard-working families for others’ mistakes.

If enacted, these proposals would harm the homeownership prospects for Americans now and for years to come.

Homeownership has always been – and continues to be – the single best long-term investment for most Americans. It is a primary source of wealth and financial security for many households, helping to provide for education, retirement and more.

Despite the housing market crisis and economic uncertainties, Americans continue to value homeownership. That’s a lesson that elected officials would do well to remember.

As the debate over housing policy unfolds, it is crucial to ensure that homeownership remains attainable and that access to safe, decent and affordable housing remains a national priority.

Let your elected representatives know that you value policies that will encourage homeownership and keep the dream alive for future generations.


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